You can download different versions of Partition Saving and of associated tools from this page. DOS, Windows and Linux versions are into each file (less for the boot disk that is specific to Windows and Linux). Inside archives, binaries are named:

The various Partition Saving versions are: You can download the whole HTML documentation (637 Kb) in HTML format (this version has a white background color, so is easier to print). This documentation is also included with program, but in text format so without screenshots.

You can also download some utilities I made to analyse some problems. If you encounter problems running Partition Saving, I could ask you to download one of them for me to be able to analyse the problem. These utilities are:

These utilities have DOS, Windows and Linux versions, but it is better to use the version corresponding to Partition-Saving version used (each OS can not see the same physical definition of a disk). Moreover DOS version can be executed into Windows, but it is better to use it in DOS mode for the same reason.

Some tools exist to create boot floppy or CD:

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