You can download different versions of Partition-Saving and of associated tools from this page. DOS, Windows and Linux versions are into each file (less for the boot disk creation that is specific to Windows and Linux). Inside archives, binaries are named:

Files related to Partition-Saving are:

You can also download the following previous versions of Partition-Saving:

Size (kB)
V4.10 2584 c493a61d1f1d6e7e7ebbc14729d43610
V4.00 1500 2f2b50c5b6403f2913fe683267318d20
V3.90 1414 f9905f5c46f79f3aaa449a922c2b88bd
V3.80 1380 d49f378db0fba635606b6febbbd4b87a
V3.71 1286 9073651544b5b8cd951551bfad2847fa
V3.70 1284 7584ea45288eb299a84e56bf5744160a
V3.60 893 0edb79324ad834f088c96b8ab1b4f755
V3.50 868 cbcdfb27b0b297e753b91c22f502b718
V3.40 562 fe00e02d2c430c96201e567f7e568214
V3.30 546 bda5ec4e65cfb14eec7cdde41c94a957
V3.20 516 0d8653706431e32dc4841012c848a4bc
V3.11 485 0467f084a9170da64df32e96f295a505
V3.10 484 73724e9077b8a9171fe01be337f359cb
V3.01 459 d61d8dcd4df47f97813a3896779cf226
V3.00 432 cb8fd253ae17d5dfdf22e77c64c3acf8
V2.91 416 2334cb5b77937b15324f5c37af9de01e
V2.90 395 175e9ad770767aa9540263a16185fa65
V2.80 362 1f060a2663ce140b16ef89feb202ecce
V2.70 334 f97be94276df77f6b6a42a8ab5663c8f
V2.60 317 9239cc3a858c95ada8028fa30070f1b3
V2.50 298 ec1b1bc2d6147e7914615497df074346
V2.40 268 6f9e180f1406f6d89016a9c3de714a64
V2.30 589 478055ded0edf8aa1804f19cb46de908
V2.22 537 f5ed42fc155ab5eae3f84f98a05ee9a0
V2.21 530 d3351462f4b61e36b562fbbcec55c3ef
V2.20 523 0bfc22c5059bd3d8a6b69df1402cd344

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