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What's new?

11/14/2016 A new version of Partition-Explorer (V1.10) has been released on November 14th. Major changes are to add support of some new ext4 features You can get more details about these changes into manual.
05/18/2015 A new version of Partition-Explorer (V1.01) was released on May 18th to correct behaviour in comparison view. You can get more details about it through its manual.
05/04/2015 A new tool is released: Partition-Explorer. It allows low level edition of filesystem. It is not directly related to Partition-Saving and is reserved to people that knows what they do because you can easily damage your filesystem with such a tool. You can get more details about it through its manual.

What Partition-Explorer is?

Partition-Explorer is a DOS, Windows and Linux program that is used to low-level edit content of your disks and partitions.
You can select a disk or partition to edit, then a sector (or group of sectors) on this support. Program will present you the content of this sector either in a raw format (sequence of bytes in hexadecimal) or in a structured form depending on the type of content. You can modify this content and write back these changes to the support. You can also save this content to a file in either raw or structured form to be able to view it with some other tool.

For more information, please read documentation (a text version is included in the program files).

To download Partition-Explorer click here (this download page is common with Partition-Saving one).

If you need help, you could email me (I will update the FAQ page with comments and questions received). If you do not receive a reply after some time, please try again, perhaps your email or the subsequent reply became lost or the mail title was not explicit enough.

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